CAT5 - Puerto rico

A documentary feature film

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•Puerto Ricans have served in every major American War in History

•Puerto Ricans experience from all over the island that represent different economic status, religion, gender, sexual orientation as they come together to work through this devastating hurricane.

•Hurricane Maria crashed across the entire U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, making landfall with winds approaching 150 mph. Widespread destruction from the worst storm to hit in nearly a century has left almost the entire island without power, and many without running water or cell phone service.

The Hurricane

Hurricane Maria made its first landfall on the Caribbean island nation of Dominica on Monday, September 18, as a Category 5 storm with winds topping 160 mph - the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall there. Days later, the storm devastated the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Maria is the first Category 4 hurricane to directly impact Puerto Rico in 85 years. Using a combination of social media video, news videos, and home videos, we will look at how the hurricane hit, thought the eyes of people that were on the ground