Rebecca is currently one of ten directors in the DISNEY / ABC Directing Program. The two-year professional directing program, which spans two television seasons based upon ABC’s production calendar, is aimed to recruits experienced directors on the cusp of making the transition into episodic directing. She has also completed FOX's Ryan Murphy's directing fellowship; the AFI Directing Workshop for Women; and is the recipient of several grants including the Nancy Malone Directing Award.

Writer and Director / AMERICAN REFUGEE - Short Film
Writer and Director / ONE HALLOWEEN - Short Film
Writer and Director / AMERICAN GIRL - AFI Short Film
Writer & Director / THE LETTER - ABC's Short Film
Director / TALL TALE - short film


Coming Fall 2017



Written and Directed by: Rebecca Murga

Shot over a period of three days in North Hollywood, over 70 crew and cast members, 25 of whom were former military veterans and three wounded veterans, came together for production on ONE HALLOWEEN. It is available for viewing on HBO Go and HBO Now. 

ONE HALLOWEEN is a film about an injured Soldier,  wounded in the Afghanistan war, through one Halloween night as he tries to connect with his 10-year-old daughter. 

"The story is based on my experience with soldiers in Afghanistan, as well as some of the documentary work I had done at Brooke Army Medical Center, in San Antonio. The main character will be played by my dear friend Juan, who lost both arms in the war and was burned on 80% of his body in 2004 when a fuel truck exploded in Iraq." - Rebecca Murga


Scene #1: Opening Scene from ONE HALLOWEEN

Scene #2: Halloween Scene from ONE HALLOWEEN

American Girl - AFI Short Film

Trailer to the AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women shot film AMERICAN GIRL. For more on the film please see:

American Girl | An AFI Conservatory Directing Workshop for Women SHORT film

Written and Directed by: Rebecca Murga

Shot over a period of four days in Santa Clarita, California, over 70 crew and cast members, half of whom were former military veterans, came together for production on AMERICAN GIRL.

AMERICAN GIRL is a film about a young spunky Guatemalan girl who is driven by her late father’s dream to become an American. Accompanied by a retired smuggler, the two set out on a dangerous 2,000 mile journey through Mexico to reach the American border. Together they must overcome ruthless drug smugglers, human traffickers, and the harsh desert. But her journey doesn’t end there. The ending of the film reveals the sacrifices that immigrants make.

“The story is inspired by my father’s journey to America in his desire for a better life, and when I learned about a young Guatemalan immigrant who joined the Marines and was then killed in Iraq before becoming a citizen, it all came rushing together. To me, the desire for freedom is the heart of the American spirit…and for many that spirit beats within them, regardless of where they are born.” - Rebecca Murga


Scene #1: Barn Scene from AMERICAN GIRL

Scene #2: End scene from AMERICAN GIRL

The Letter - ABC Digital

the letter | ABC Short Film

Written and Directed by: Rebecca Murga

Rebecca’s film "The Letter" tells the heartwarming story of a little girl who writes a letter to Santa. This year, the only thing she wants is for her mother, who is deployed to Afghanistan, to come back home for Christmas.

“I want people to understand there are women out there who give up a lot to serve their country. They leave behind their kids, families, and homes, and don't ask for recognition or awards. They are strong women that walk around the streets, women you would pass by and never even notice, but women who would lay down their lives for their country, just like a man would. And, in some cases, they did pay the ultimate sacrifice. Those are the type of stories that need to be told”. – Rebecca Murga



Directed by: Rebecca Murga

TALL TALE was a single scene submission showcasing my director's work for the Jameson First Shot competition with Kevin Spacey and his company Trigger Street Productions. They sent all short-listed directors,  a one-page script to produce/direct in 6 days. Thanks to some great friends, and to Veterans in Film & Television, I was able to find and cast experienced Hollywood actors Blaine Gray and Max Thayer who both happen to be former Army medics. Over half the crew were military veterans working in entertainment.

Jameson First Shot is a competition that provides a platform for burgeoning filmmakers who have a vision and a voice, but do not have the benefit of knowing people in the movie business. Actor / Producer Kevin Spacey and Producer Dana Brunetti, selected 20 scripts out of 1,700 submissions, and my script, "Your Lovin' Ways" made that short list.