A commercial director with strong storytelling and production skills with the ability to deliver content on time and on budget. Experienced in collaborating with producers, designers, editors and executives from creative development to post-production. Specializes in bringing stories to life with innovative storytelling and cinematic visuals. 

Past clients include ABC, CBS, CBS Sports, Mundo FOX, NHL, MLB, NBA, Comcast, ESPN, Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, Golf Channel, HBO Boxing, US ARMY, AT&T, Lucent, Verizon, Merck & Co., Walgreens, Evan Williams and A&E Networks.


Commercial work promoting Walgreen's new initiative to service active military personal with the Tricare System. Completed in 2016.


Three digital commercial spots for Evan Williams Bourbon. Completed in 2017

Evan Williams spent the time to honor and celebrate true American-made heroes, by flying our American-Made Heroes to Kentucky to surprise them with their very own Hero Edition bottle. Watch their reactions, and hear their inspiring stories. Rebecca was hired to direct all three commercial spots for Evan Williams in 2017, an American-owned and made Bourbon company.


Commercial shot in NYC