A documentary film and art exhibit

Executive Producers: Richard Garzilli & Karen Kraft | Still Photographer: Johann Wolf  | Film Director: Rebecca Murga

Co-Creators: Jason Deitch & Chris Brown


War Ink is a documentary short film and digital art exhibit that combines original video, photography, and audio of combat veterans telling their stories through their tattoos.

For more information please visit the War Ink Project at www.warinkproject.com

Letter From the Director

Written in July 2014: I sent this letter in gratitude to the co-creators of War Ink, Jason Deitch and Chris Brown, after an intense four-day shoot in which we interviewed 24 extraordinary combat veterans. I was extremely moved and inspired by the experience.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the small things in life...these past four days reminded me of what is really important. 

One day, we will look back on these four days, and realize we did something larger than all of us. I admit it was emotional for me.

I spent four days listening to stories of heartache, anger, hope, survival, and love. Love for the men and women they fought next to, love for a country that doesn’t really understand them, and love for their friends killed in combat. 

I spent four days meeting incredible men and women. Some of them coming back to jobs they earned, others to empty apartments,  some just trying to live another day. Not one of them asks for a “thank you”. They blend in and disappear into the fog of ordinary people...and if you don’t stop to notice...you might miss them. 

For one day, they felt beautiful, and happy, and understood. One frame at a time.

And if that is all that ever comes of this project, I will be okay with that. 

Thank you to every single veteran that gave me the absolute honor to tell your story. 

Rebecca Murga | U.S. Army Captain

war ink photography gallery

Still Photography: Johann Wolf  |  Photographers Assistant: Chris Jenson